Henry's Farmers Market - The Store

One more post about the new Henry's Market with a photo of the store itself just prior to the grand opening activities.


jake said…
I went in there the other night. Not a bad store in general, but the prices are higher than Sprouts in Claremont. Im in the middle of both so I will probably go to Sprouts the majority of the time.

Raw milk at Henry's is $2 more than Sprouts. Im also big on natural foods, like natural sour cream. I noticed Henrys brand sour cream has a laundry list of ingredients.

But if Im in the area heading east and I need something I will definitely stop in. I know my prices so I will buy accordingly.

If I were to "pin" Henry's.. it feels like a mix of Trader Joe's, Sprouts, and Albertsons. Shopping bags that look like Trader Joe's, similar product selection and inside store feel of Sprouts (as well as homeopathic products), and a mix of big grocery store products to bring in some newbies.

I'd give it 7 out of 10, preferring Sprouts over Henry's. But I'm glad I stopped, I know what its all about now.
Keith said…
1916home: That's a great review! I haven't been inside yet. I didn't wait around on opening morning because the line was so long. I keep waiting for it to slow down a little but every time I drive by the parking lot is full. I'll get in there this week.
Unknown said…
Henry’s was a natural foods /organic grocer back in the 80’s and I think they lasted till the 2000’s. There were some in various cities in San Diego. They then were sold and became Sprout’s.

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