Happy Fathers Day 2009

Dad.  Photographer unknown.


Laurie Allee said…
This is lovely, Keith.
Anonymous said…
Was this picture taken in Monrovia? sweet
Alex Harding said…
i think i may have seen you today keith, were you in front of the library taking a picture of it on the sidewalk on myrtle? i was riding by on a Red Motorbike
Keith said…
Laurie: Thank you. I went through and scanned and repaired a bunch of photo's a few years ago. This was one of them.

Pas Adj: I honestly don't know where this was taken. Since he was a Monrovia resident for so many years, I decided it was okay to use it.

Alex: It wasn't me. I was at work until about 11:15 this morning then straight home. No picture taking today. At least not yet.

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