Everest House - For Sale

I do love the Craftsman homes.  Laurie has shown that I am not alone.  The home above was built in 1909 and designed by Arthur R. Kelly.  It is a Monrovia Historic Landmark and for sale for (if the website is correct) $1,799,000.

Check out the website at www.173highland.com for lots of photos, a description and a little history.  If this is your kind of place, the name and contact info of the Realtor is there also.  Better hurry though, I'm buying my Lotto ticket tonight...


Tash said…
compared to some outlandish, uninteresting & pricey houses by the coast, this one at $1.7M is a steal. Now if I only know how to raise $1.2M, I can handle a loan for the rest (maybe).
Nice photo, Keith.
Keith said…
Tash: This location is great but the coast would be better. I remember when I was appraising homes (back in the '90s), we had a guy from the county area of Monrovia that wanted to refi his home. He was sure his home was worth over a million dollars and gave us recent sales from Beverly Hills to prove it. It didn't work. Location, location, location.

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