Xerox Special Information Systems left nearby Pasadena for this brand new building in Monrovia back in 2001.  You really need to go out of your way to see this place, nestled between a self storage business and the railroad tracks right on the Monrovia / Arcadia border.


Kris McCracken said…
First, my apologies for a bit of cut and paste commenting. I have been doing the rounds via Bloglines and looking at all the pictures from my favourite photo blogs, but haven’t been leaving comments. Generally, I try to comment as much as I can (I know how good it is for ‘morale’ to know that someone is out there appreciating them), but after the birth of my second son, I am a bit knackered to think up something witty and insightful on the hop. Thus the resort to Control+C and Control+P!

Kris from Hobart, Tasmania.
Hilda said…
I've been a loyal Xerox customer for years—I chose one of their document centers for our office. Here in Metro Manila, their service is very good.
Harry Makertia said…
In some cities in Indonesia, "Xerox" becomes an "official" verb. It's common to say, "I'll xerox my documents!" :).
Keith said…
Kris: No apology necessary. Your child is more important - you've got your priorities straight.

Hilda: I'm sure they're happy to have a loyal, satisfied customer!

Harry: Same thing here. I've done quite a bit of xeroxing myself.

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