The Vacant Lot

If memory serves, the home on this lot burned down many years ago close to Christmas, possibly on Christmas Eve.  I remember driving by on my way to midnight mass and seeing the burnt remains of the house.  What I wonder is, why has the lot remained empty for so long? 

It's in a prime location on Foothill and Canyon, that's Clifton Middle School back on the right side there.  There are homes next to it, businesses on 2 of the other 4 corners and condo's on the 4th.  Seems like plenty of opportunity for something. 

What's kept the lot from being developed all these years?  Every time I drive by I think of that difficult Christmas for some family.


Alessandra said…
I live very close to this lot and have often wondered the same thing but didn't know any of the history behind it, as a recent resident of Monrovia. How sad for that family to lose their home, even if it was a long time ago.

If I had the money, I'd build a Craftsman bungalow in keeping with the other ones on the block. It would be rather pricey, if one did it right, but that is really the only appropriate structure, I feel.
Anonymous said…
Alessandra -- Funny that you'd want to build a craftsman there. That's what burned down. I wish you had the money... I live up the street & hate passing that empty lot. It seems so wrong.

Keith -- greetings from the Pacific NW. See you in about a month... Love keeping tabs on Monrovia over the summer through your blog...
Keith said…
I'd forgotten it was a craftsman. It does make sense for the area.

Say Hi to the (anonymous) family for me!

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