The Siren

This is one of those things that I thought was really cool as a kid, then forgot about completely and now can't find any information on it. We always called it the air raid siren those many years ago. It's located on a residential street way at the top of Monrovia. Must have been really annoying to those living nearby.

Maybe they could get it working again and use it as a fire warning siren. When it goes off, evacuate!


Thanks. Im Inspired again.
I guess im too young (34) to have to go through any air raid drills. I wonder where the wires to this lead :) Great blog you have... Im a new fan and have added you to my local blog list.

dave over at
and now... (drumroll please)...
Keith said…
Welcome Dave and Mt. Baldy Eagle! I've added you to my blogroll also.

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