Monrovia Garden Club Home Beautification Award Winner


Petrea Burchard said…
Ooh, it looks nice and private.
Anonymous said…
dont you ever consider business.
Roncelli plastics on Duarte Rd
has 2 buildings that are well landscaped.
Monrovia is house proud and bungalow strong. I often park the car and walk the streets in admiration. If I were voting, I'd choose that house you see on the way to Monrovia Canyon Park. It's the one with the multitude of differing Palm types (my palm preference shouldn't come as a surprise).

A certain Keith left me a comment, was that you?
Keith said…
Petrea, It is very private. I could barely see the house.

Anonymous, I have shown photo's of many businesses. As for Roncelli - stay tuned. A photo is in the works!

To all of the Monrovia business owners - if you'd like to see your business on here, leave a comment or send me an email. If there's something on the inside of your business that you'd love for people to see, I'll be happy to do that to. Gem City Images is all about featuring Monrovia, inside and out.

Palm Axis, I've always said that one of the primary appeals of Monrovia is the variety and personality of the homes here.
Yes, that was me with the comment. Sorry I couldn't provide more.
Keith said…
Miss Havisham, Those canyon rock walls are somewhat common in the north part of Monrovia. Lots of walls made from rocks taken from the hills north of the city. Most walls have been around longer than me.

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