Monrovia High School Panorama

With all the work being planned to add to and rehab the high school, I keep going back to capture the views of the school that may not exist much longer.

I've taken many shots, and so have many others, of the bell tower and entrance in the center there. This time I wanted give an idea of what the school looks like if you're standing out on the sidewalk and can see across the entire front.


Anonymous said…
I bet thats Catalina Tile on the top of that dome. Do you know who the architect was. It's a beautiful building. If it has architectural significance then there will be limits as to what they can do to the exterior.
Tash said…
Keith - another excellent panorama. The lighting is just perfect & you've got the sign in too! Here is mini-info:
"Monrovia HS, 1928, John C Austin and Frederic M Ashley (Austin Whittlesey) NE corner of Madison Ave & Colorado Blvd.; A Palladian facade on an otherwise Spanish Revival building. Whittlesey, the designer, was well known for his books on Spanish architecture."
from An Architectural Guidebook to Los Angeles by Robert Winter - 2003 - 546 pages (it's on!!)
Laurie Allee said…
What a great panorama!
Keith said…
Pas Adj: The grounds will definitely change. I don't think the building front can be improved upon. The guts do need refurbishing / updating though. I'd like to see some nice lighting added to the front. Every time I see Pasadena City Hall at night, I see potential for Monrovia High School.

Tash, thanks for the research. I didn't know who designed it, that really helps!

Laurie: Thanks!

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