Monrovia Foothills Panorama

Click on the image for a larger version - must be viewed larger for detail.

Taken from the parking lot at Monrovia High School. 
That's a baseball field in the foreground with the school buses beyond.
Mt. Wilson is the high peak in shadow on the left hand side - between the two peaks in sunshine.
The "Big M" is just right of center.


Tash said…
I love panoramas. I used to patch prints together to get a decent one. Keith, this is a lovely photo of the local hills & Mt. Wilson is a nice bonus! The school in the foreground adds a lot of interest to the photo.
Really nice tight crop on this. Doesn't always work but this is so powerful like this.
Unknown said…
This was one of those days when everything comes together - clear view, clear day, school holiday.

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