Monrovia Truck 101 And The Krikorian Theatre

This is my personal favorite from this year's Holiday Parade.


Anonymous said…
I can't think of anything much more frightening then going up and down those ladders. Except maybe Bungee Jumping. I recently took a walk over in nearby Bradbury. They keep that community locked up tight. Never saw so many trespassing signs.
Keith said…
I've been in Bradbury (behind the gates) a few times doing appraisals. Another world up there. Surprising how big it is. Even though I had permission to be there, when I would drive around looking at recent sales I was stopped every time by someone asking who I was and why I was there.
Security and residents keep a close eye on everything. I think that's a good thing even though it made my job more difficult.
Laurie Allee said…
This is such a festive shot.

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