I may have posted a version of this photo before.  If I did, sorry about repeating myself.  While I'm not sure if I posted it before, I do remember working on it.  I remember not being happy with the way the image was coming out and that I was also considering an overextended attempt at some social commentary.

I like this version better.


PerthDailyPhoto said…
I like it a lot too Keith. I like the way the size of the rectangles gets smaller as you go along, ending with a square full stop!!
-K- said…
The black and white has a nice quality about it which I can't quite describe. Maybe the contract has been hieghtened a bit.

And the composition is well done too.
you did
can't remember names but I remember images

and yes, this is better
Keith said…
PerthDailyPhoto: Thank you! Sometimes angled lines like that can drive me nutty, it works on this one.

-K-: I think that quality you see is this: I created a duplicate layer, applied the Topaz Adjust - Detailed filter to the duplicate layer, then masked it in at only about 10 - 15% opacity. Just enough to give some definition and texture to the image, especially the brick and candy machine. I like that you couldn't quite put your finger on it, but like it. That's what I shoot for.

Pas Adj: I was pretty sure I did, I apparently didn't post it near the time I took it.

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