Upton Sinclair House

Looks like the house has sold, the next chapter starts now.

The Upton Sinclair house was home to the author of "The Jungle" from 1942 to 1966.  The home was built in 1923 in the Spanish Colonial Revival style by California Architect Frederick H. Wallis.

The home faced demolition after being damaged in the Sierra Madre earthquake, but was repaired and saved to remain an important part of Monrovia's history.

Upton Sinclair - Wikipedia

Upton Sinclair House - Property listing


Kelly said…
This is such a lovely house. I pass it frequently on walks...and admire every time. Nice photo Keith.
Anonymous said…
It's for sale? Let me know when they have an open house.
Keith said…
Kelly: A beautiful house with a lot of history. If only this house could talk.

Altadenahiker: It was for sale, you just missed it. I think it just recently closed.
Steve Scauzillo said…
Great shot, Keith . I love old houses and especially dig this one. My house, which is on Foothill, was also damaged in the Sierra Madre quake. I am a writer, hmm.
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Thank goodness it was saved Keith, how lovely is the dusky pink colour it's painted.!! Gorgeous.
Petrea Burchard said…
Your photo is absolutely ethereal, Keith. Beautiful.
That book along with Grapes of Wrath were absolute favorites of mine in youth. I've always wanted to see this home. In fact, me and the hiker tried to find it after I pointed out Monrovia Canyon to her.
Keith said…
Steve: It's an earthquake conspiracy. At least you're in good company.

PerthDailyPhoto: There's a lot of nice detail to this house.

Petrea: I always feel funny taking photos of someone's house. I took advantage while the house was empty to take my time, use a tripod and do it right.

Pas Adj: Good for you! The book is still in my massive "to read" pile.

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