What I Didn't Get For Christmas Sale

At Twinkle Twinkle Little Store - 519 S. Myrtle Ave. in downtown Monrovia.
Always a great window display for kids of all ages.


I was up Myrtle yesterday and walked your neck of the woods. Ha! Some kind of volunteer gathering the 20th? didn't have a pen on me.
Keith said…
J Bar: It really is. That's quite a beautiful place you live also.

Pas Adj: That would be the monthly volunteer meeting. Which reminds me, I haven't seen what the topic is this month. Did you happen to notice? And, it's open to the public, not just volunteers. 7:30 pm in the park cabin, Wednesday 1/20. Bring a flashlight.
will the gate be open to the parking lot(s) or do I walk in from the street?
Keith said…
Pas Adj: One side of the gate is open. If, by chance, the scout camp has someone stationed there, just tell them you're there for the volunteer meeting.

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