Monrovia High School Front Entryway

The front doors are fenced off at the moment due to the work being done on the building.  The bottom of this photo starts just above the fence line.  This was taken the first clear day after the recent storms.  The exterior is freshly washed from the rain and basking in the late afternoon sun.


Tash said…
WOW! that is something, isn't it. Really great photo - the tones & the angle.
El Segundo has a really beautiful HS too...I've been meaning to post the photos on
Do you know who the architect is?
Keith said…
Thanks Tash! I was looking at some photos of El Segundo H.S. and it really is amazing. I'll be looking forward to see any photos you take of it.

Pas Adj: I don't know and I really need to find out. Added to my "to do" list.

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