City Daily Photo Theme Day: Best Photo Of The Year

I don't know about the best, but it was certainly the most popular when I first posted it back on September 1st, 2009.  This is a pyrocumulus cloud over the huge Station Fire we had in our local mountains.  Just to keep things interesting, I reprocessed the image and made it a little less dramatic this time.

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Lori Lynn said…
Excellent choice.
Glad that fire is just a memory now.
Tania said…
This is really a great shot!;-)
brattcat said…
This is definitely a shot that grabs the viewer. Great choice for the Theme.
Hilda said…
It sure still looks dramatic to me! Fantastic shot.
For me this was the most important photo of 2009. How can something so beautiful be the result of something so horrific?

As lovely as your depot photos are I'm glad you chose this

Petrea Burchard said…
It's a real stunner, Keith.
PJ said…
It's certainly an iconic image. It also looks like a volcano erupting. Thank goodness you didn't have to face that as well.

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