It Was A Dark And Stormy...Afternoon

It looks like it should be later in the evening but this photo was taken just a few minutes after noon this past Tuesday the 19th.


My understanding we've gone through three storms and are awaiting the last in the series.

I did get home safely on these rain slick roads to blog another day. Great to meet you Keith. Does the native fellow ever give walks/talks involving the identification of plants (maybe in the spring)?
Anonymous said…
I'd like to join that.
Keith said…
Pas Adj: I thought there were more storms coming but I think you're right. They all kind of blended together. Good to hear you made it home okay and it was great to meet you too. Glad you could make it last night.

Bear gave a couple of hikes last Halloween afternoon where the content was very similar to last nights meeting - only out on the trail. They got an overwhelmingly positive response. I'm not sure what he's got planned but I'll be sure to pass the suggestion along. Bear is a very interesting person.

Altadenahiker: I'll be sure to let you both know if something comes up.

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