Monrovia Train Depot / Gold Line Event

A kick off event for the extension of the Gold Line through Monrovia and out to Azusa will be held tomorrow (Saturday, November 21st) at the site of the Monrovia Train Depot (pictured above).  The event begins at 10am.

Notice anything different about the look of the depot site?  The depot has been cleaned up to look good for the party.  All the shrubs, trees, brush, grass, weeds and trash have been removed from around the station.  The first thing I noticed was that a large section of the fence surrounding the building has been removed.

More info about the event from the Monrovia Weekly here:

*Sorry about doing the link like that - one of the odd quirks of a non-fully functional computer.


Paula said…
Beautiful station. Here we don't have a station, just a platform and a few benches. Our parking lot is pretty nice though. :)
Petrea Burchard said…
I've just got to get over there and see that place. It's gorgeous.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, I have to get up close and personal before they gentrify the station.
Keith said…
Paula: I've been meaning to check out that parking structure. It looks huge.

Petrea, Altadenahiker: You've got until next June (or thereabouts). Now that a date has been set, I'll be there more often taking photos before it changes.

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