Holiday Parade Prop

We were working on something today that will be in the Holiday Parade on December 3rd.  Maybe you can guess what it will be but I won't reveal until it's complete.


Anonymous said…
Did Alex fix things up for you Keith?

Doo-dah or Rose?
Keith said…
Doo-Dah or Rose? They wish! I'm talkin' the Monrovia Holiday Parade.

Still working on the fix.
Anonymous said…
I see a submarine.

Just my humble opinion but Macs are true war horses and if you should look at the bulletin board at Art Center you can often find them at a agreeable price. Art Center Kids Love having the newest and will unload their fully programmed Macs at a good price.
Keith said…
Pas Adj: It does resemble a submarine. Here's a hint: The "Holiday" parade is the holiday with Santa in it.

I'd love to have a Mac but I'm a little concerned about switching to a platform I'm not familiar with and buying used at the same time. Mac parts are even more expensive than PC parts.

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