An Old Town Halloween

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Click on photo, best if viewed large


Anonymous said…
You too! Question: On the hike in Monrovia Canyon there were these dams or waterbreaks that looked like they were built in the WPA years, but are stamped with FS 1967 (I think it was 7). Does that mean they were built in the 60s rather than the 30s?
Keith said…
Altadenahiker: The check dams on the waterfall trail were built in 1964 (I believe). They built a road to the waterfall and then as they built the check dams, they removed the road as they worked their way back out. There are a few telltale signs but you can't really tell there was ever a road there.
There are check dams on the Ben Overturff trail also but I've never looked for the date stamp. It would be about the same time period though.
Anonymous said…
The check dams are stamped 1964. They were build by LA County Flood Control.

As for today's photo: you sneaky guy... I love it!

Keith said…
Suzi: Thanks for the info on the dams.

As for the photo...look familiar? You just can't keep a good ghost hearse home at Halloween!
Tash said…
I did click to enlarge - so it's a ghost hearst - really delightful!
Anonymous said…
dang. a tricky post and I missed it.

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