When it comes to photography, I prefer the less is more approach to post processing. This weekend features two photos that go the opposite direction. One of my top reasons for starting this photoblog was, by continually taking photos, I would have plenty of opportunity to discover, test, try, experiment, learn, make mistakes and hopefully end up the better for it. Today's photo, to be honest, I'm not crazy about. But it's a package deal, so there you go.

I like tomorrow's better.


Tash said…
Well shoot, I love it. Esp with the power line tower. It's a piece of art.
Keith said…
Thanks Tash. I think what bothers me is that there comes a point where the photo goes from "capturing" the image to "creating" one. There's nothing wrong with either one, I just prefer "capturing" within the context of this blog. The other reason is the frustration at not getting the image I wanted with the camera and trying to fix that after the fact. If I didn't know the back story, I'd like it too.

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