Cafe Lori

138 E. Lime Ave. - in the restaurant space integrated into the north side of the Krikorian Theater.

A short write up from Joshua Lurie at Food GPS here.


Anonymous said…
Just want to say thank you so much for your blog! I lived in Monrovia for awhile and loved it. Moved to Southern Utah last August and have really enjoyed keeping up with what Monrovia looks like via your blog! Thanks for keeping my "old hometown" feeling close still!
Keith said…
Anonymous: Thank you very much for the comment and I'm happy to hear you're enjoying the photo's. These are the kinds of comments that keep me going. Feel free to offer photo suggestions and I'm glad I can help you keep in touch with Monrovia.

Pas Adj: Let me know what you think.
I went by tonight and it was closed
Laurie said…
I'm curious about this place, too!
Keith said…
Pas Adj: Strange. Maybe it was a slow night and they closed a little early. I drove by last night about 7 and they were open. Friday Festival was last night also so a lot of people in town.

Laurie: Change the spelling a little and it's your kind of place.
Lisa..... said…
I hope is lasts, we like the indian food place while it was there.
Tiffany said…
It is by far the BEST Armenian/ Mediterranean restaurant I have been to and I have been to many. I LOVE this place, everybody needs to try it. Try the lamb chops they are the most tender, melt in your mouth lamb chops I have ever had. GREAT GREAT food.

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