Nature's Window

Inside looking out from the cabin in Monrovia Canyon Park.


tapirgal said…
This is absolutely lovely. Thanks so much for posting it. What a breath of fresh air!
Anonymous said…
Lovely. Your cabin? I'll have to google this park. I think PA drove me up there on time and I keep meaning to return.
Lowell said…
Very creative and very beautiful. An excellent photograph!
Keith said…
Tapirgal and Jacob: Thank you! A friend was working on a project and needed a photo of a window frame. I got the added bonus of a photo for this photoblog out of it.

Altadenahiker: Mine? I wish! But it is where I spend my volunteer time. If you're able, go on a weekday, weekends are crowded. Any questions about the park, just ask.
That is pretty. One day I may actually try camping in the park

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