Bill Cull Trail View

This was the runner up photo for tomorrow's Theme Day.

This part of the trail, visible at the far left, works its way up above the canyon and offers some beautiful views.


nice sky and photo. I also enjoyed your other photos.
Anonymous said…
Now I think I can guess what Sunday's theme is. Bill Cull, is that the trail that leads to the waterfall?
Keith said…
Julie: Thank you! Those are some beautiful photo's of Chihuly glass art on your site.

Pas Adj: Kinda sorta. The whole trail has three connected parts with three different names. The first part that starts at the entrance station is the Bill Cull. The next section that starts just above the cabin is the 1/4 mile trail. The last part that starts behind the Nature Center is the waterfall trail.

FYI: The 1/4 mile trail was used as part of the popular Halloween Haunted Hikes. Community Services recently made the decision to pull the plug on this year's event.

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