Mervyn's Has Left The Building

The security gates have been pulled closed, the doors are locked and the last person out shut off the lights.

Will Kohl's be the store that moves in to this location in the Huntington Oaks shopping center?


Laurie Allee said…
That's a lovely building. But I heard Kohls was in trouble, too!

Stop by my blog, Keith. I have a challenge for you! (I promise, no topiary is involved.)
Antjas said…
Oh no. How sad. I bought so many of my childrens' clothes there when it first opened back in the 80s and early 90s. Mervyn's never appeared here on the East Coast, but whenever we went back to Arcadia to visit, we made a stop at Mervyn's. Is Mimi's still there?
Anonymous said…
I still have money left on my Mervyn's gift card.
Tash said…
Geschlossen. Somehow the German word has more finality (is that a word) to it to describe the scene. Hope some store moves in...empty stores are so sad. My friend who grew up in Worthington, Ohio said that the mall she used to go to with her mom closed. Later, somebody took photos of abandoned malls & put them on the internet - really eerie.
Keith said…
Laurie: I hadn't heard that about Kohl's but I guess just about every department store is hurting at the moment.

PJA: Mervyn's was one of those places I always expected to be there. Mimi's is still there on the corner.

Pas Adj: I hope it wasn't a lot!

Tash: When anchor stores, like this Mervyn's was, close up it's significant. But this shopping center does good business and has a lot of well known restaurants and stores that also draw well. I think it'll be okay.

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