A Hazy Day

The weather's been so nice lately, I guess it was time for a change. The morning started out foggy, then the afternoon turned to a dreary yellowish haze. Reminds me of the '70's.

Trying to take a photo of the yellow air didn't turn out so well so I went with plan "B". The sun shining on the asphalt does a good job of conveying the color in the sky.


Anonymous said…
I was surprised by the amount of smog yesterday evening too. I think your alternative photo is a winner
Baruch said…
That's a great shadow you've captured there
Anonymous said…
This is a neat photo that has some of the same effect as the last one I saw at Pasadena blog.

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Petrea Burchard said…
You must be just enough east to get the yellow. Ours was white. I was hoping it wasn't smog, but I'm too romantic.

Your photo is eloquent, Keith.
It's a great image, lovely light.
Tash said…
wish for a good rain soon. terrific photo - great light.
Keith said…
Pas Adj: It was a strange day. And thank you!

Baruch: It's funny, the shadow wasn't my original plan but it conveyed the intent better.

Abe: Thank you! Any favorable comparison to Petrea is a compliment.

Petrea: Strange about the color difference. Probably the time of day. I don't know what exactly it was, I'm just glad it didn't stick around long.

Babooshka: Thank you! The air made a nice color filter that day.

Tash: We didn't get rain but the Santa Ana winds cleaned the air up nicely.

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