Top Of The World

Revisiting a hike from back in 2005 that included reaching three peaks in one day - Monrovia Peak to Rankin Peak to Clamshell Peak.  You can see three fellow hikers on the trail up ahead.


Petrea Burchard said…
Wow, that's a beauty. Some good hiking you've been up to lately!
Anonymous said…
I've never gotten past the Ben's resort. How many miles did you cover?
Keith said…
Petrea: It is beautiful up there. There's some interest in doing this again.

Pas Adj: I'm not sure of the miles but it wasn't nearly as many as it could have been. We drove as a caravan all the way up behind Monrovia Peak which eliminated most of the miles. Then it was just up and down from peak to peak. Some of the group bushwhacked straight down from there and regretted it immensely. The smarter ones (ahem) took an easier route back to the vehicles and rode down. You can read all about it here:

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