Turkey Vulture

Thanks to guest photographer Doug Elson for today's photo.  This is a late afternoon photo of a Turkey Vulture spreading its wings to warm itself as the sun starts to go down in the west.  These are pretty large birds, our best estimate of the wingspan here is about 5 feet across.


Tash said…
Just poped in for a little visit???
How great is that? Bravo to the photographer and thank you for sharing it with us.
PerthDailyPhoto said…
What a fantastic photo,had you been waiting a while for the wing spread, or was it just lucky timing. I once waited for an hour outside the lion enclosure at the local zoo to get a shot of the male lion yawning, eventually it happened, think he just wanted to get rid of me haha! but was worth the wait. Btw scrolled down, what fab photos you do take!
Keith said…
Tash: Check out tomorrow's post. This guy wasn't alone.

PerthDailyPhoto: This was taken by a friend of mine. He said they came and went for a few minutes before settling on a spot on the railing and spreading their wings. Glad you like the photos!

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