Monrovia Cinco De Mayo Cultural Arts And Music Festival - Part 3

Today's post features the Delgado Brothers and guests.  Not only did the Delgado Brothers perform an incredible set, Joey Delgado was also the Entertainment Director for the festival.

By this time, the sun was starting to set and made it difficult to shoot into the sun and get some good images.  Even so, I worked with the following images a bit and made sure that all the band members and guests were included.  Enjoy:

Rudy Castrellon on the right.  President of the Board of Directors and Steering Committee for the festival, also owner of Rudy's Mexican Food restaurant at Colorado Blvd. and Myrtle Ave. in Monrovia.

Joey Delgado playing the guitar that was signed by the performers and raffled off at the event.
l-r: Bob Delgado, Joey Delgado, Dave Kelley.

With Ramon Banda on the left.  Steve Delgado, Bob Delgado.

A couple more with guest Kid Ramos.

Probably my favorite photo of the day.  Joey Delgado on guitar.

Tomorrow, the Mariachi Divas.


Kate said…
Love to watch musicians at outdoor festivals. Many of them would make terrific subjects for individual portraits.

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