Monrovia Cinco De Mayo Cultural Arts And Music Festival - Part 1

First:  Congratulations to everyone who worked to put this event together.  It must have taken a huge amount of hard work, but it paid off.  It looked to me like a huge success.

Second:  Normally I just post one photo a day, but I have so many from this event that one a day just won't work.  So, I'm going to post a few a day over four days and separate each day into distinct parts from the event.  Today we start with a look at the crowd, a couple of dancers and the Banda Brothers.

The Festival took up the entire block of Colorado Blvd. from Myrtle Ave. to Ivy Ave.  This photo shows less than half the block looking west towards the stage with the Banda Brothers performing.  A good crowd turned out.

A couple of the dancers performing between bands.

The Banda Brothers.

The Banda Brothers.

Tomorrow:  Los Fabulocos featuring Kid Ramos.


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