2011 Fountain To The Falls Race - Monrovia, CA - Part 1

Like the Monrovia Day Parade, there's no way to convey the scope of the event within Monrovia Canyon Park by posting just one photo.  So, we'll continue with the multiple photo posts for a couple more days.

The first two photos are the Men's and Women's winners of the race.  I put those first because they earned it and I know that's what everyone wants to see.

The rest of the photos show the setup and final preparations for the race that's about to start.

Simon Cooper of Sierra Madre - winning time of 43:15.  Turning around at the waterfall.

Monya Moyer - top women's finisher with a time of 51:53.  Approaching the waterfall.

Looking north on Myrtle Ave. from Foothill Blvd. before sunrise.

Final Race Preparations at the Command Center.  Monrovia Canyon Park staff and volunteers, Monrovia Fire Department and CERT team members, Monrovia Police Department and Sierra Madre Search and Rescue were all on-site and taking part.

Canyon Park staff, volunteers and Sierra Madre Search and Rescue members heading up the trail to the assigned locations.

Setting up the water station.  The rest of the team members continue up the trail.


Steve Scauzillo said…
Great posts. Is it me or does the waterfall look small? Hooray to the winners!
Keith said…
Steve: It's the same size but it does look small in the photo. Must be a combination of the angle and my distance from it.

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