That Sawpit Wash Trail Gate

Possibly the most famous gate in Monrovia. "The Gate" has been referred to in the news lately regarding a lawsuit between the city and homeowners over access to the Sawpit Wash trail.  The gate (at the far left of the photo) is expected to come down soon.

Pasadena Star-News story here.


Unknown said…
Owners of the property.

This is not the gate that started the lawsuit.

The gate was removed in 2007. It was located under the bridge.

We have asked for a retraction from the Pasadena Star News, but fo date they have not done so.

We would like to know where the newspaper got this misinformation.
Anonymous said…
now it's starting to make sense. I saw that little metal gate and it didn't seem to add up to the hella balu that I read on the posted story down on the trail itself (which seemed very involved and kind of ugly) as these things go. Pleased it was removed. A victory to walkers

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