Hummingbirds Arriving For Lunch


ben wideman said…
Woah, this one is awesome.
Orange feathers on the tail. Seems unusual. I've got a bird in my post today. Care to make a guess. I'm leaning towards Golden Eagle

BTW: I took a walk DOWN from the Canyon Park next to the flood channel. Found zerox's up about a access point that a family had disturbed by putting up a gate. Is that the gate you encounter past the gate INTO the canyon? I used to park on a street parallel to the entrance and walk through a lot down into the canyon.
Skrip said…
wow wow wow.. nice shot!
Keith said…
Ben and Skrip: Thank you! I like the way they turned out.

Pas Adj: The gate in question isn't near the park, it's farther south. It's on the Sawpit Wash trail south of the park. The homeowner put up the gate next to his home to block and discourage hikers from using the trail. He lost the lawsuit. Gate coming down soon.
Tash said…
Fantastic. Never seen so many at once & you captured the right moment.

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