City Daily Photo Theme Day: Night

The Aztec Hotel.

It's the first of the month, that means it's the City Daily Photo Theme Day!  The theme this month is "Night".

Click on the link below to see how participating Daily Photo Blogger / Photographers from around the world interpreted the theme:

Click here to view thumbnails for all participants


ben wideman said…
I really like this one Keith!
Keith said…
Thanks Ben! I just got it posted under the wire.
Anonymous said…
I adore the Aztec.
Lisa..... said…
Looks cool.

Did I tell you I was denied from Daily photo? I was. because I didn't specify a city. Yeah, yeah. But it's hard to only take photos in one city when you live in place like Los Angeles County.

OK. Done whining.
Keith said…
Julie: Thank you!

Pas Adj: Have you checked out the art gallery on the corner?

Lisa: Sorry to hear that. It seems to be a qualifying rule that once you're accepted, you may have noticed, isn't strictly enforced. Maybe there should be a Regional Daily Photo offshoot.

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