Boxx Jewelers 1921 - 2009

Lots of businesses have come and gone, especially in our current economy, but this is a big deal.  Boxx Jewelers is a business that's just always been there.  My whole lifetime and much, much longer.  One of the few remaining pieces of downtown Monrovia that was part of my childhood is going out of business.

The clock, I think it's safe to speculate, will stay.  It was gifted to the Monrovia Historic Preservation Group who are responsible for maintaining the clock.  The clock has also been designated a Historic Landmark.

h/t:  The Foothill Cities Blog.


Tash said…
How sad. :|
A small jewlers in Long Beach Bixby Knolls closed last summer. Jewels by Howard in PV is still going after 30+ yrs, but he must have other income coming in.
How wonderful that the clock will be preserved.
Congrats on winning Petrea's contest! I'm still plodding thru - on Ch. 25.
Anonymous said…
I know, I feel your pain. Acres of Books in Long Beach is closing too. Gads
Alessandra said…
We just moved from Monrovia to Cincinnati. Hearing that Boxx Jewelers is closing makes me very sad; you're right that they were an institution on Myrtle. Glad to know that the clock will stay at least...

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