Big Sky Over Baseball Diamond

With baseball's spring training about to get underway, I thought I'd post something with a baseball theme today.

This photo is from the archives and was taken back in January of 2008. A nasty flu bug got hold of me on Tuesday and it has kept me inside instead of out roaming the streets taking photo's. I hope to be back at it by tomorrow.


ben wideman said…
I love it Keith. Are you going to venture over to Dodger Stadium for the World Baseball Classic?
ben wideman said…
or to spring training in Arizona for that matter?
Anonymous said…
Get well Keith. The weather is rather foul so traipsing about is not recommended. But I did a bit south of you. Visit
Gorgeous sky
Keith said…
Ben: I doubt I'll be going to Arizona, but, way back when Gene Autry owned the Angels and they had their spring training camp in Palm Springs, I would make my annual pilgrimage down to catch at least one game each year. I missed that when they moved training camp.

Pas Adj: Thank you. I'm getting a little bit of cabin fever.

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