Boxcar 7 At Monrovia Station Square August 2, 2017

The 4th of 4 Wednesday night concerts at the Monrovia Station Square stage featured blues, soul, R&B, rock, and swing band Boxcar 7.  This was the last concert for the season that was in partnership with the Levitt Pavilion.

These were four outstanding concerts where, unfortunately, attendance suffered some from being held on a Wednesday night.  I like that it broke up the work week.  If you didn't make the effort to get to these shows, you missed out.
*Click on the images for larger views.*

Still hot and muggy at show time.  A breeze did pick up and cut through the humidity eventually.  We were also treated to an amazing sunset mid-show - no extra charge.

Band members left to right: Gerry Tschetter (keyboards), Robert Lopez (guitar), Scott Griffith (vocals), Andrew Shreve (drums), Mark Sample (saxophone), Martin Soltis (bass), Johnny V (trumpet).

Powerful band.  Strong finish to the Wednesday night concerts series for the year.


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