August 5, 2017: Monrovia Depot Rehab Update

Another look at the progress of the Monrovia Depot rehab:

*Click the photos for larger views*

Again, the most visible progress is on the rear patio dining area.  The design of the patio cover is becoming clearer..

View of the north and west sides of the building.

For reference, the link below is to the three proposals considered for the depot with Daylight Limited being chosen by the city.  Their plan is what is taking shape in the photos above.


GoodFences said…
And when will they be opening the walkway towards Myrtle and Station Square park so that people from the south east will be able to access the station?
Hiker Bob said…
I hope the final results will be as nice as the converted Santa Fe Station at the Del Mar Gold Line station in Pasadena. The La Grande Orange (LGO) Restaurant is located there and it's a great place to eat.

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