2017 Monrovia Music Fest Part One - The Artists

The 4th annual Monrovia Music Fest is in the books and it keeps getting bigger and better every year. This year was 10 artists / bands over 7 hours on a warm, almost summer day in Monrovia's Library Park.  All killer, no filler.

A couple of seemingly small changes were made this year that made a big difference towards enjoying the day.  First: the stage was angled more toward the south side of the park where the grass and a large shady tree are located. You didn't have to choose between getting cooked or the music. Second: the tent cover over the stage was much higher this year so the tops of the performers heads weren't cut off.  Nice to see they are taking notice and making improvements each year.

Monrovia Music Fest website: https://www.monroviamusicfest.com/

Here are the artists in order of appearance (except for the first photo):

Creator of the Music Fest Carole Anne Kaufman and Co-Producer Clara Mayer.

Few Miles South.

Few Miles South.  Had to get one with the drummer.

JC Covey


Solspeak - The Full Band

Malynda Hale and Band

Malynda Hale

Jeremy Giovanni Lopez

Jeremy Giovanni Lopez

Carole Anne Kaufman (The Whistling Diva) with guitar accompaniment from JC Covey.

Fake Furs

Fake Furs

Kristii Strike about to start her performance with backup dancers

Kristii Strike

 Georgia Reign adds a personal touch

Georgia Reign



Monrovia Music Fest website: https://www.monroviamusicfest.com/


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