2017 Monrovia Music Fest - Part 2

The previous post covered the musical artists that were part of the 2017 Monrovia Music Fest.  Part 2 gives a glimpse into some of the additional things going on at the event that made it both complete and uniquely Monrovia.

As always, click on the photos for larger versions.

A panoramic view of the event.  

Taking a break from doing battle.

The MHS Robotics Team robot likes to dance too.  Who knew?!


Five food trucks and a giant lemonade dispensing lemon.

Late afternoon at the Library Park fountain.

Homeboy Industries.  A beneficiary of a portion of the proceeds raised from the event.

Fun for the kids.

Monrovia High School Robotics Team.

Cruisin' Myrtle Avenue in a VW Van.

Homebase for all the people and equipment recording the event.  Also the perfect shady area to watch the bands on the stage that is just out of the photo on the left.  The Beer Garden is in the center of the photo stretching from the flag poles to the fountain.


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