Monrovia Madison Fire

Some photos from the Madison Fire today in the hills above Monrovia.  The firefighters have been attacking this blaze relentlessly all day by air and ground.  As I write this, the fire is 50% contained with no structures lost.

All of these photos are of the front (south) facing slope, the slope facing the city.

L.A. County Fire with a water drop behind the Big M.

A large section of the burned area just west of the Big M.

This is a closer look at the little triangle area that hadn't burned at the bottom of the 2nd image above. You can see several of the firefighters up on the slopes.  Not an easy job.

Some of the flames visible on the hillside.

And the L.A. County Fire helicopter coming in again to drop water on the flames.

More photos tomorrow from a different area...


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