Monrovia Madison Fire - Part Two

As of this morning, the fire is about 55 percent contained and the estimate of area burned has been lowered to 125 acres.  The firefighters and all involved in fighting this fire did an extraordinary job.

Today's photos are from the east (looking west) to see what was happening behind that front ridge above the Big M.  Click on any of the images for a larger version.

An indication of how close the fire came to homes.

A couple of residents heading back with a water dropping helicopter working nearby.

Spotted this firefighter (on the ridge, just left of center in the photo) standing tough against the fire.  There are flames on the ridge top to his right and more reaching up from below to his left.  The helicopters were dropping water all around.

Helicopters weren't the only aircraft.  The airtanker was on hand dropping Phos-Check on the fire.

The airtanker dropping Phos-Check.

The sun was going down but the helicopters kept going as long as they could.

Finally had to call it a day and head back.  A job well done.


Kelly said…
Really incredible pictures Keith. I snapped a couple about noon from Madison and Hillcrest. It was incredible how far down this came.
My understanding is that it was started by a apart from a power tool. Which might explain why it was so close to homes.

Is this at the top of 2nd in the gaited community? That's where I had my horse boarded briefly in the 70's when it was a ranch house with lots of land behind it, stables, a riding arena and a pool. It had a shared driveway to the west that led to, what was then a recently built home. Things have changed.
Keith said…
Kelly: Thanks! The burn area's not pretty to look at but the fact that nothing was lost helps a little bit.

Pas Adj: That's what I read. Started by a gardener and power tool. Not sure what type of tool or how, but that seems likely.

That's the general area. The gated area is at the top of 5th. The fire started about two blocks east on Madison Ave.

Firefighters did an incredible job.

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