Mon-Arc Center - Before And After

Let's start with the "after" view.  The large building on the right is the former Super A supermarket. Ready for a new tenant to come in and fix up the interior to suit their needs.  Interesting that there is currently no "For Lease" sign on the building.

The "before" view.  This is what it looked like before the facade rehab.

The new look is a huge improvement.


coda said…
Wow, MAJOR upgrade! Anyone know what might be going in there?
Used to be a clothing shop on the adjoining storefront side. Super cheap (and you know how much I like that). Upgrades must of run it out of business. But yeah, that corner was a bit ragged.
Anonymous said…
I miss the big ice cream cone in front of Jim's Burger. The little cone on the new sign just isn't the same... but the shopping center does look 100% better.
Keith said…
Coda: I haven't heard. It's a large building. If not a supermarket, then...?

Pas Adj: Some adjacent businesses stayed open during this rehab, couldn't have been easy. This sprucing up has been needed for a while.

Anon: That old sign was a classic. Jim's looks great now, but definitely more contemporary.

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