Closed - The Pottery Ranch

The shelves are empty and the doors are locked.  Next up, demolition and a new Jack In The Box. Would you like fries with that?


that is so depressing

a. for what will be lost

b. for what will be
Chrissy Brand said…
Amazing quality to this photo, almost like a painting- a sad tale.

Chrissy from Manchester: a photo a day at Mancunian Wave
Steve Scauzillo said…
What a shame. That place is a landmark.
Tash said…
Arggggggggggggggg. :(
Tash said…
What a pretty building too...I'm so glad you got a good photo of it.
Keith said…
I'm sorry to see it happen because of what's taking its place. Will have a big impact on the visual appeal of the area.

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