February 2012 City Daily Photo Theme Day: Animals

A chubby little squirrel.

To see how City Daily Photobloggers from around the world interpret the theme of "Animals" in their city, just click on the link below:

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Judy Williams said…
Adorable. I have squirrels who will eat out of our hands on our back deck. This one is a gem.
Janet said…
He must have a squirrel feeder nearby.
Impossible you've come so close!
Tash said…
He looks so healthy and adorable. Did you feed him?
Keith said…
I didn't feed him (her?). He put on his best cute and friendly act hoping I would. As soon as he realized my camera wasn't food, he lost interest.
Nathalie said…
Was he literally at your feet? He appears to be!
I prefer them in photos. I Have a power pole at the bottom of my property and these guys use it as part of their network of roads. stinkers!
Keith said…
Nathalie: He was 2 - 3 feet away, I zoomed in a little for his closeup.

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