Kris McCracken said…
From the (almost) very bottom of the World down here in Tasmania, I wish you a very Merry Christmas/Yule/Jul/Winter Solstice/Summer Solstice/Amaterasu/Brumalia/ Deygān/Dōngzhì/Hanukkah/Hogmanay/Jonkonnu/Korochun/Kolyada/koleda/Wren day/Lenæa/Meán Geimhridh/Lohri/Midvinterblót/Modranicht/Mummer's Day/Rozhanitsa Feast/Şewy Yelda/Soyalangwul/Ziemassvētki/Āshūrā/Ras as-Sana al-Hijreya or whatever festival you choose to celebrate!

If you’re opting out this year, have a great time in the next few weeks and keep up the good work!
This is a bit of trivia I remember reading about a few years back. It's about a study being conducted at the cemetery on Del Mar (near Myrtle). A woman was documenting the advancing gene pool of the red squirrel in it's take over of the gray squirrel population. It might be on line.

Merry Boxing Day!
Keith said…
Pas Ad: I missed this particular meeting, but the topic of one of our volunteer meetings was a study of the local squirrels. I heard it was a good presentation.

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