After The Rains

The rain has stopped but the water still flows over the top of the spillway in the distance.
Top:  The debris basin looks just about how it did almost 6 years ago when we had some extended heavy rains in January 2005.
Bottom:  The debris basin empty in November 2009.

Back on December 30th, 2008, I had posted another comparison of the debris basin empty with the debris basin full of water from January 2005.   Compare that to the recent photo of the debris basin posted on    Looks just about the same.


I once saw a turtle in these waters.

btw: have you heard of the Arcadia Woodlands? It's an actual old growth oak forest kept out of public hands by one of the city departments (flood control maybe)?
Keith said…
Pas Adj:  The land is owned by the County.  It's a bad situation with no good solution.  There was a recent meeting on it locally.

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