Monrovia Train Depot Looking East


jake said…
Is there a finalized plan for this station yet? I have seen some grand plans for buildings all around this one... like a shopping and urban living situation, but dont know if that was shelved because of the economy or is that plan still the plan? What will happen to the actual Monrovia station building?
Keith said…
As far as I know, the grand plans are still the plan. The current Monrovia Depot is supposed to be incorporated into the new station. From the billboard in the depot parking lot, it looks like most will be used. With the groundbreaking scheduled for next year, we should know more soon.
Tash said…
wonderful shot - early morning winter light. the blue cast on the tracks is esp. interesting.
Keith, I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and wish you a super New Year, Tash

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