Gray, Rainy Day


Tash said…
very cool, gray shot.
Looks like it's a historically preserved corner.
altadenahiker said…
Looks like something out of James M Cain. Love it.
Suzanne said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…
Where was this place? On Shamrock and Walnut?

Paula said…
Rather bleak day, but the building has a timeless appeal to it.
Keith said…
Tash: The gas pumps are for show but there is a functioning business there.

Altadenahiker: Quite a compliment! Thank you.

Anon: That's the location. Across from the church.

Paula: I like this building. Always surprised when places like this last so long.
Anonymous said…
When I was in grade school at Immaculate Conception in the 1950s, there was a little grocery store in the space just to the north of the gas pumps and office. I suspect their prime merchandise was candy and sodas and quarts of milk. I can't remember the name of the family that ran it.

There was another little "corner grocery" up at Shamrock & Colorado, run by the Wiebe family (pronounced Wee-Bee). The kids went to IC.
I was wondering when someone was going to post this joint. A curious area

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