Monrovia Canyon Park Cabin Tree

From the annual volunteer recognition and potluck event.

Bear with me a little self-congratulations - I was just announced at the above event as the new Monrovia Canyon Park Volunteer of the Year!  I can tell you right now it's only because the people I'm lucky enough to work with make me look good.


Greetings from Australia.
A lovely tree - Christmas trees always make me feel cheerful.
Congrats on being named Volunteer of the Year! I'm sure it is well deserved.
Have a very merry Christmas.
Melbourne Daily Photo
Good for you Keith. I've had two of your volunteers try to recruit me. I've thought about it. It was one who gave me the low down on the Fish Canyon hikes
Lisa..... said…
We must know someone in common. I have a friend who volunteers with the park.
Anonymous said…
Well done! I love your area of the San Gabes.
Janet said…
Congratulations! Beautifully decorated tree too.
Keith said…
BlossomFlowerGirl: Thank you! Merry Christmas to you!

Pas Adj: Make it 3 volunteers.

Lisa: Now I'm curious. Who could it be...?

Altadenahiker: Thanks! It is a beautiful area.

Rambling Round: Thank you! The staff does a great job!

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