Vroman's Bookstore, Please Come To Monrovia!

A new, good bookstore is always high on the list of new businesses that residents would like to see come to town.  According to the city website and the city managers report, the above building may become home to not just a good bookstore, but the Bookseller of the Year for 2008.

It seems that Vroman's wants to open a store in Monrovia and Monrovia wants Vroman's.  Let's hope this becomes a done deal soon.  The building above even looks like a bookstore.

I've bought many books at their Pasadena stores and gone to many booksignings at their main Pasadena store.  I would definitely shop at Vroman's Monrovia.


Anonymous said…
Wonderful. A place for books.
Keith said…
Abraham: A possible new bookstore along with the new library will be great for booklovers.
Anonymous said…
My fingers are so crossed.
Anonymous said…
Please, please, please!

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